In this part of Carolina we are blessed, for there are more kinds of entertainment than I could have ever imagined. When I lived in larger cities there were all the big-name acts that we have here but we did not have the wide availability of smaller venues that I find here. The problems with the larger places are many. Parking is a hassle, the crowds are huge, it takes a pair of binoculars to see the stage, but worst of all is the price. I can remember when $5 was a lot to pay for a several hour concert but now, you are lucky if it is only $50. Inflation? I think it is more like greed.

The smaller venues are another story. Here we have many places where I can catch some really great music for $10 or $15. That is enough that I can't afford to do it every day, but when I can sit 20 feet from the stage and see the expressions on the performers faces, that is how live performance was meant to be enjoyed.

Since we moved here we have seen lots of plays at both UNC and Duke and we have enjoyed music ranging from Bluegrass to big band to rock and roll. Our favorite place is the Carrboro Artscenter. Next door is the Cat's Cradle with some good acts but usually you have to stand the whole time and we only do that when Junior Brown comes to town. The following links highlight some of the things we have enjoyed.